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Alcoholic Drinks in Egypt

Alcoholic Drinks in Egypt

Alcoholic drinks in Egypt are widely available, but many cultural nuances are involved. While many Egyptians abstain from alcohol completely, some upscale neighbourhoods have liquor stores. In addition, many hotels serve alcohol. Many people also make their wine or beer at home. However, these practices are not sanitary and can result in ill health. In general, you should avoid alcohol while travelling to Egypt.
In ancient Egypt, alcohol was an important part of the culture. It was used as a recreational drink and in religious ceremonies. In addition, it was the primary drink for the non-noble Egyptians. It was also used as a payment for temple and tomb workers.

Besides wine, beer is also popular. There are several local beers and many imported brands. However, there are some national brands. Egyptian beer is often cheaper than imported versions. Its flavour is mild and refreshing. While it is not the best in the world, it is a popular beverage in Egypt.

Besides alcoholic drinks, Egyptians also enjoy the national drink, tea. Locally called shai, tea is traditionally boiled and served black or with sugar. In recent years, however, more cafes have used tea bags served in various styles. You can find several varieties of tea in Egypt, including milk tea made with sugar cane.

Imported Strong Alcohol

Unlike most countries, Egypt allows the import of strong alcohol. While it is illegal to drink alcohol in public, the law allows guests to bring one litre of strong alcoholic drinks into the country. The Egyptian government also doesn’t regulate the export of alcoholic drinks. However, many travellers make the mistake of trying to take home more than one litre of strong alcohol.

While alcohol is not prohibited in Egypt, it must be imported by a licensed company. The initial import procedure involves assigning a shipping agent (a GOE entity), matching the bill of lading to the ship manifest, and unloading the consignment. The next step is registration at customs. Typically, this requires the assistance of a customs broker, though many companies rely on their staff to clear their products through customs.

Stella Beer

The company that produces Stella beer is headquartered in Giza, Egypt. Its name derives from the Arabic word for “pyramid.” In the past, the company was one of the country’s most visible and popular names.

In recent years, however, the company has been diluted, and its public profile has been eroded. While it is no longer the top-selling beer in the country, it is still comparable to other mass-produced lagers.

The brand has had a long history in Egypt. While the local version of the alcoholic beverage is the most common, it was originally criticized for being low quality. However, the quality improved significantly after the Al Ahram company began producing it. The beer is now available in bottles, while the export variety is smoother and contains more alcohol.

The Alcoholic drinks industry in Egypt is changing both macroeconomic and cultural values. The macroeconomic context and shifting cultural values will influence the industry’s future growth. This report examines the market in Egypt for alcoholic drinks and offers an in-depth analysis of the key factors shaping the industry.

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