The Fabric Social Journal

Fashion is a Feminist Issue

I spoke to Nazma Akter, founder and Executive Director of the AWAJ Foundation (“Voice” in Bangla) a union with over 37,000 members. Akter was just 11 years old when she started working in a Dhaka factory, 12 when she joined her first protest against factory working conditions, and in her early twenties when she founded AWAJ along with other ex-garment workers. Needless to say, she is a rebel with a cause, and understands that the garment worker movement needs to be a women’s movement.

Turning the Fashion Industry on its Head

Fashion Revolution Week asks consumers to push brands to show them #whomademyclothes? We are stoked when people ask us this question, not only because we know the answer, but because we love the answer.

Style a Rising Star: Rising Above with Naomi Rukavina

I caught Naomi Rukavina in her Melbourne share-house, on a typically weird weathered Melbourne day. Naomi has just returned from a sell-out season of Away at the Sydney Opera house and diving headlong into another season at Melbourne’s Malthouse theatre. 

Rising Above with Founder Karina Seljak

I met Karina Seljak and her sister Sammy in 2015. At the time, the two sisters were embarking on a journey through India to learn about production and how waste is used as a resource, and to see “makers as an empowered and celebrated part of a transparent supply chain.”

How Freya Josephine Hollick Rises Above the Noise

As long as I have known Freya - she has literally lived her music - the things she listens to, talks about, fills her house with, and her sense of style. Her style is heavily interpreted through the lens of music movements. “I did Mod for a long-time.  I used to love the 60s short skirts and wildly patterned stuff, and I still like to wear a bit of polyester 70s disco gear. But mostly I like Western wear these days.”