UPDATE: The Fabric Social in partnership with RMIT University


Media Contact: Katie Rose, Katie@thefabricsocial.com 

The Fabric Social is pleased to announce a semester-long partnership with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, school of Media and Communications, working under the supervision of Bronek Kazka.

Having had great success working with RMIT in the past, The Fabric Social is teaming up with second and third year undergraduate photography students to provide them with a unique course work opportunity. The class will run as a real-life studio, giving the students experience working with real businesses, meeting real deadlines. It is the first year for a course of its kind at RMIT.

The Fabric Social is a new social enterprise helping to bring economic stability to conflict affected women weavers living in rural India. By combining traditional weaving techniques with sustainable design, TFS creates a high value product for the Australian market, while creating long-lasting, tangible impact in the field. As the second birthday of TFS nears, TFS is undergoing a rebranding of their image to meet the ever-growing needs of their broad spectrum of customers.

“RMIT is going to be a pivotal part of our new strategy. We’ve grown so much in the past two years, and our understanding of our consumer base has become more and more precise. People are becoming more socially aware and want to know who, what, and where their clothes are coming from. The students are going to help us tell that story,” Co-Founder and RMIT alumnus Fi replied in an email. “We’ve been beyond impressed with the work that the school of communications and media has done for us thus far, and can only imagine the successes, for both us and the students, that will come out of this partnership.”

The class will begin during the first week in March when the students return from the summer holidays.

For more information email contact@thefabricsocial.com. To follow TFS and RMIT’s collaborative story check out TFS website, www.thefabricsocial.com, our Facebook or Instragram, @thefabricsocial.


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