Beth Ditto's plus size collection just dropped and it rocks as much as she does.

'I wanted to make pieces to last years. Beyond trends, beyond chain stores. I wanted to create something all its own, something just for us, made with love and consideration. Made ethically in the USA as a small company with no corporate input. Uncompromising, unapologetic, humane, and timeless. Go-to pieces designed to last.'- Beth Ditto

Gossip singer-songwriter Beth Ditto has been no stranger to the fat-shaming public eye, and has been a queer-positive body-positive public figure for near a decade. Her 11 piece collection, released this week, is only available in size 14 upwards – a deliberate nod to the exclusion regularly felt by overweight women:

'Later I was lucky enough to be dressed by designers for the red carpet, but the hijinks continued: a tablecloth made into a dress at a Rolling Stone performance, a Westwood dress worn upside down. Stylists bringing nothing but sheets to drape me in, designers sending oversize pieces meant for thin people with armholes sized for a zero. Where are the fashionable clothes for fat girls that aren’t designer one-offs? Where are the subtle and chic wardrobe staples, where are the crazy statement pieces?'

On top of this, the line is ethically made. Produced in New York’s ailing garment district, Ditto met with the design and construction team and got into the nitty gritty of production. 

'I got up to my eyeballs in printing methods, fabric thicknesses, stretch linings. I visited the factories in NYC where the clothes were cut and sewn, met the people who work there, watched the processes. I learned that there is such a thing as ‘fit models’ (whaaaat?) and met some awesome ones!'

The collection also falls in line with the slow fashion trend of purchasing seasonless pieces that will last a lifetime, instead of being swallowed by the fast fashion consumption cycle, in which trends typically roll over on a fortnightly basis. 

'We deserve the option to shop for ethically produced clothes that will last, pieces we can look incredible in season after season'.

Right on, Beth. Overall, a big tick from us.

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