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Jess Brohier is one of Melbourne’s most exciting fashion photographers. We’ve been working with her for two years, and have just lost her talents to greener pastures overseas.

Having conquered Melbourne, Jess is about to pack up, and ship to Vancouver. “I feel like it's time to take a step creatively, and to be in new surroundings - to be challenged. To be in a place where I don’t know where any given street goes.”

Jess’ aesthetic is immediately recognisable. There’s always a strong mood, and otherwise ordinary environments are made to feel other wordly. Born and bred in Melbourne, Jess has explored every nook and semi-industrial minimalist cranny the city has to offer. 


Some would lose interest, but the challenge of familiarity has helped to shape her work. "I try to create an environment in my images that doesn't look recognisable. People can't really tell that it's Melbourne most of the time. While I like to play to the Melbourne scene, sometimes I like to create an LA vibe, or a NY inspired aesthetic - to build entirely new environments."


Some of Jess' personal travel photos are my favourites of her collections; they bring a 70s and 80s nostalgia to places like Tokyo and New Delhi. She also steals moments on set to capture the model's face, or an off pose for her own work.


"I can't really explain what it is, but sometimes I can just look at someone's face and see the photo before I've taken it. I am endlessly inspired by people's faces, different ethnic features, or moods."





Building a career in fashion photography in Melbourne, Jess has been able to work with all the brands we love - ZOMP, Limb the Label, HoMie and Local Girl Gang. She’s clocked the local scene with shoots for Fashion Journal and VICE Magazine. It’s no wonder she is ready to take on a whole new city, country and creative challenge.

The bulk of Jess’ work is shooting women’s fashion, and she says the choice to work with women is an intentional one. “I love women, and find them the most fascinating creatures in the world to photograph - much more so than men. I think there is so much more mystery when you’re shooting a woman, and that's why I shoot women 99% of the time.”

A typical shoot for The Fabric Social is 100% girl gang. We use a small team drawn from Jess’ little-black-book of talent that she’s worked with and trusts. Although executing a shoot is not easy, it’s always a great vibe and we get exactly what we need. This industry can involve a lot of sleepless nights, but our editorial shoots have always been a breeze.




That too is no accident - it’s a process Jess has cultivated. “Everyone remembers how you made them feel, and at the end of the day we all want to be surrounded by good people. I’m at a point where I can choose who I work with, so I only chose people that I know will add to the energy, and mood, and positive vibe of the shoot. Every time.”

We’ve certainly benefited from her professional approach. Speaking of, Jess says that if anyone asks for career advice she only has two pieces to give. “Be a good person, and work hard. That’s all you need. Anyone can do that.”

So what’s next?

“I love taking photos and I will always take photos, but I’m interested in taking my career down other paths. I’m really interested in creative direction, and working in a team of creatives on set. At this point I have no idea where I will end up professionally, but my mind is open to the potential.”


Shop Jess' look here.

Check out Jess' amazing Insta here:



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