TFW you end up mates with the competition.

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Ethical fashion is a tight-knit space that’s bursting with creativity, collaboration and innovation – as well as some badass women leaders who are ready to shape the way fashion is made. The women that rule this sector are an inspiring bunch whose designs are on-point, season after season. 

One of these kick-ass brands led by fabulous women is the Cambodia-based Dorsu. Over the years, the Dorsu and #FabSosh Co-founders have shared interns, beers, travel tips, as well as a general ethos seeking to tear down the fast fashion machine. 

Dorsu is combatting waste in fashion

In the fast fashion world, it’s a wonder new collections don’t come with their own passport – what, with all the jetsetting that clothes do from factory to factory across our planet. Dorsu is an antidote to fast fashion by keeping their design, pattern, cutting and sewing under one roof.

But what makes Dorsu a real game changer, is that their clothes are crafted from surplus and reject fabric from the giant Cambodian factories. They burn test everything to make sure it's free from synthetics, so that they can give a sustainable home to these orphan fabrics and close this massive loop in fast fashion's supply chain. Impressive, no? 

Here at The Fab Sosh, we like to think we work well with Dorsu in both the social enterprise scene AND in your wardrobe. We’re thrilled to have forged some fantastic friendships that mean together we can build something bigger and better. And when you fill your wardrobe with plenty of slow-fashion goodness, you’re making your dollar work harder to secure fantastic things for the people who made your clothes.

Just like Dorsu, we at The Fabric Social design clothes with the environment in mind. Our organic fibres, solar-powered lights and sustainable clothing choices mean that your clothing has a tiny, toddler sized footprint. 

We work well together…

Dorsu and The Fabric Social are joined in more than our eco-friendly design statements. Our fashion pieces also work well in your wardrobe.

Dorsu’s Relaxed Long Sleeve T-Shirt can be dressed up with our Stasey Skirt. Our Assam-made, handwoven eri silk x cotton blend skirt pairs perfectly with Dorsu’s colour schemes, making this a warming winter ensemble. Dorsu’s Grape T-Shirt is the perfect muted shade, and if you want a pop of colour, the Moss Green shade (pictured) is for you.

Pick these up if you’re looking to update your winter wardrobe AND do some good in the world at the same time.

We are supposed to be competitors in this ethical fashion game, but we instead we are all mates. This is also the case in our relationships with YEVU and Magpie Goose. We're incapable of being secretive and combative when there are so many good vibes (and dope threads) to share. Maybe this is the way all industries will run once women rule the world? We hope so.  


Stefanie is Editor of The Fabric Social Journal. The Fabric Social works with conflict-affected women in Myanmar and Northeast India to create clothes that look good and do great. Shop the styles, donate or get involved.

All images used courtesy of Dorsu.

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