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ASOS is wrong about our silk

  #NOTALLSILK Many of you will have seen the recent news that ASOS has banned mohair, feathers, down, cashmere and silk from their megalithic online store. This is in response to PETA recommendations that these products cannot be made ethically,...

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Growing up a Guerilla Child

Fiona McAlpine
At the tender age of 22, it is safe to say that Khamseng Bohagi has more adventure under her belt than even the most bewhiskered superhero. As the daughter of two leaders of the underground liberation movement in Assam, Northeast India, Khamseng spent her childhood scrambling across borders with secret identities, on the run before she knew how to walk.

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The Value of Tradition and Culture.

Fiona McAlpine

When we think, read and talk about ethical and sustainable fashion, we tend to think of the current conditions of the garment manufacturing industry; low cost production in developing countries, low wages, minimal or non-existent safety standards and human rights abuses of workers throughout supply chains. These issues are rife, serious and dangerous. And they need to be changed. But issues stem further than the pure manufacture of apparel, footwear and accessories.

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Living in the Crosshairs

Sharna de Lacy
Kaberi Kochary carries a humble demeanor, and shy smile that gives nothing away of the incredible life she has lead, nor the tireless work she does in communities all across Assam. 

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A Love Affair With Fabric

If you would have asked me what I knew about textiles one year ago, I would have been able to sum up my knowledge in just a few sentences. A little more than a year on, fabric occupies my every waking moment, and even visits me in my dreams. Fibers, textures, weaves - silks and linens and cotton - the sound of the looms clacking – fabric and everything about it has become more than my job – it is a love affair.

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