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Growing up a Guerilla Child

Fiona McAlpine
At the tender age of 22, it is safe to say that Khamseng Bohagi has more adventure under her belt than even the most bewhiskered superhero. As the daughter of two leaders of the underground liberation movement in Assam, Northeast India, Khamseng spent her childhood scrambling across borders with secret identities, on the run before she knew how to walk.

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Why My Lifetime Movie is Going to Suck

Fiona McAlpine
My experience was a lot less like a light bulb coming on, and a lot more like a game of whack-a-mole.

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TFW you end up mates with the competition.

Stefanie Kir
Ethical fashion is a tight-knit space that’s bursting with creativity, collaboration and innovation – as well as some badass women leaders who are ready to shape the way fashion is made.

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Meet Megan: Captain of The Fabric Social Team Australia

Fiona McAlpine

What drew me to the project in the beginning was continuing to use this idea of product development as a means for livelihood development. I had seen how it works and Fi and Sharna had already identified where we should go.

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