The Fabric Social Journal — letters


An Impact Update from our Co-Founders

Dear Friends,We started The Fabric Social to support and celebrate women producers who are working to overcome the obstacles of their circumstances, whilst keeping the artistry and creativity of their communities alive.Four years later, and we have seen our fair...

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Letter from the Field

Charlotte Rigby
We've arrived in beautiful Thenzawl, and couldn't be happier - the natural landscape and the people we're meeting in this weaving village in the Northeast of India are making our experience something special. 

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Update From the Field: Assam Floods.

Fiona McAlpine

Local sirens went off, and all the old ladies of the village started to give uroli from their front yards (a traditional warning call). As the aftershocks subsided, loud thunder cracked over the village, the sky went black, and heavy rain fell down upon us. The next day was clear, but little did we know of the real storm that was about to hit.

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Silks, Weaves and Deep-fried Muga Worms

Fiona McAlpine
We stood at the train doors and let the warm, sticky air rush through our hair and waved at the locals who were awestruck at our presence. The jungle villages, in between rice paddies and tea fields, sported brightly saried women, boys on push bikes and majestic water buffalo.

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A Love Affair With Fabric

If you would have asked me what I knew about textiles one year ago, I would have been able to sum up my knowledge in just a few sentences. A little more than a year on, fabric occupies my every waking moment, and even visits me in my dreams. Fibers, textures, weaves - silks and linens and cotton - the sound of the looms clacking – fabric and everything about it has become more than my job – it is a love affair.

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