The Fabric Social Journal — Mizoram


An Impact Update from our Co-Founders

Dear Friends,We started The Fabric Social to support and celebrate women producers who are working to overcome the obstacles of their circumstances, whilst keeping the artistry and creativity of their communities alive.Four years later, and we have seen our fair...

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Letter from the Field

Charlotte Rigby
We've arrived in beautiful Thenzawl, and couldn't be happier - the natural landscape and the people we're meeting in this weaving village in the Northeast of India are making our experience something special. 

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Birth, Marriage and Death: Weaving in Mizo Culture with Siami x Siami

Fiona McAlpine
Kuki sits in a small room in Mizoram, Northeast India. Sunlight pours in through the trees that shade the white windowpane behind her. An antique Singer sewing machine waits to her right on a wooden desk, next to a brightly patterned, folded cloth. 

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Why I Have the Best Job in the World

Fiona McAlpine

It is important how things are made, and that they mean something to us – and to the people who made them. Otherwise, we are left to drown in tasteless polyester. Aesthetics are left to off-the-rack trend forecasters and hulking, faceless factories in Guangzhou.

That’s why I have the best job in the world: I have a very legitimate excuse to travel to places where off-the-rack trash has yet to completely displace the art of creating things. 

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