Why Landmines?

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The Fabric Social’s core goal is to lift the burden of poverty from women and their families in insecure geographical areas. To do this, we have to remember that peace doesn’t just mean an absence of war. In post-conflict zones all over the world, communities still suffer the aftermaths of warfare. One of the most tangible examples of this is landmines and unexploded ordinance (UXOs): explosives used during wartime to mark enemy lines and cause maximum damage to foot soldiers. After conflict has ceased, these deadly devices are left behind, buried just beneath the Earth’s surface. Unknowing famers and children are usually the ones who fall victim to explosions.

To extend our work in post-conflict zones and make a positive impact on these communities, The Fabric Social has decided to donate a portion of profits from every sale to the anti-landmine organisation APOPO. Working in seven countries across Africa and Asia, APOPO takes an innovative approach to de-mining, training rats to sniff out devices so they can be safely disposed of. These ‘Hero Rats’ have helped clear more than 14 million square metres of land since they started work in Cambodia in April 2015. Along with their local partners, APOPO has safely extracted 4000-odd landmines and more than 38,000 UXOs from Cambodian soil – putting a serious dint in the numbers that make Cambodia the second-most landmine-affected country in the world after Afghanistan.

Every item sold by The Fabric Social converts to one square metre of land being cleared of deadly landmines for good. When clean land is returned to the community, it can be safely sowed by farmers to boost food security and income, re-developed to provide shelter for more families, or simply serve as a safe area for children to play in. Our partnership with APOPO is just another way The Fabric Social is reinvesting in the global community to lift the burden of poverty from those who are most vulnerable.


Photo by Miriam Deprez

Tags: impact

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