The Fabric Social Journal


A Change in the Wind

Fiona McAlpine

We used to invest in our clothes. The style, the quality of the garment construction and fabric were something we were willing to pay for. We spent thoughtfully on seasonal trends, considered the lifespan of our clothes, and how well they fit. The supply chain was local, and widespread unionisation provided producers with decent wages and working conditions.

Fast forward to today, and production been outsourced, but labour standards have not.

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Five Ways to Eradicate Slavery From Your Wardrobe

The more you brag, the easier it becomes to walk past an H&M or a Zara store, and just roll your eyes at all the fools racing in. If only they knew.

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A Love Affair With Fabric

If you would have asked me what I knew about textiles one year ago, I would have been able to sum up my knowledge in just a few sentences. A little more than a year on, fabric occupies my every waking moment, and even visits me in my dreams. Fibers, textures, weaves - silks and linens and cotton - the sound of the looms clacking – fabric and everything about it has become more than my job – it is a love affair.

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