Our vision is to provide economic independence for women who have been affected by armed conflict and to support women-led community development and peace initiatives.

Our mission is to work with women producers in conflict-affected areas, and to:

  • Create sustainable livelihoods
  • Support economic independence
  • Provide business and entrepreneurial skills development
  • Invest in community development and women-led peace initiatives
  • Remove the burden of poverty, to better enable women to be equal participants in civil and political life.   

In this fast-paced world, the people behind the clothes we wear are often overlooked. Slave labour, environmentally toxic practices, and poor quality are the new norm in the fast fashion trend-mill.

But we believe that fashion does not have to come at a cost to ethical principles and practices. As an ethical clothing company, we are not only distributing a product, but changing the industry, bringing you the concept of slow-fashion: each metre of fabric has a history and identity, each imperfection is unique. 
We strive to maintain the highest levels of transparency within our supply chain and business practices. We work only with local and national producers who are devoted to the same ethics as we are – fair wages, safe working conditions and sustainability. Where possible, we make this information public so that consumers can make informed choices about what they buy. You can read about our supply chain here.

As a social enterprise, we are also committed to social impact, and demonstrating measurable outcomes for the people with which we work. We undertake yearly assessments, and make our reports available to the public. Our first report will be published in May, 2015.

In our forthcoming report we outline current initiatives and identify areas for improvement. We have conducted assessments for the economic and social needs of our producers and our environmental impact. One finding identified a lack of access to reliable electricity and the use of harmful kerosene. As a result, we distributed solar lights to one producer group, and hope to expand on this in the future. 

Our end game is fashion that promotes social impact, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility. Through transparency, and strong Corporate Social Responsibility practices we also aim to create a consumer culture that values these principles as much as we do. 


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