Siami Pachuau is the founder of Siami x Siami. Born and raised in Northeast India, Siami (nicknamed Kuki) has experienced firsthand many of the region’s trials and triumphs. She has a long history with puan fabric, a deep understanding of the fabric’s heritage, and is passionate about using traditional Mizo weaving as a tool for empowerment. Kuki is the designer behind The Fabric Social’s Mizoram bag collection, featuring the bold colours and patterns of Mizo puan. Kuki is interested in how traditional fabrics can be adapted for new audiences, particularly the ways she can carry the heritage of Mizoram forward through modern fashion design. Kuki finds joy in the processes of product development and sharing her knowledge with other craftspeople. Through her partnership with The Fabric Social, Kuki is helping bring sustainable employment to weavers and tailors in her community.



Clothing is more than what we wear; fashion is more than just magazines. Fashion is the measures of a culture, of a movement, of an individual. This is the mantra for designer and sustainable fashion advocate Ally Deam. With sustainability at the core of her work, she produces zero-waste designs that feature the natural fabrics of Assam. From her studio in Australia, Ally develops The Fabric Social’s aesthetic that seamlessly blends wardrobe staple and statement piece. Featuring subtle twists on classic styles, she brings a timeless quality to contemporary fashion to create fashion that empowers not only those who wear it, but also those who create it.

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