Care Guide

The fabric used in this collection is a soft hand dyed cotton, which is woven on a traditional teak and bamboo handloom in Magwe, Myanmar. You can learn more about our supply chain here. Like all clothing, we recommend that your piece should be washed sparingly. Although it survives a gentle cycle in the machine, a warm hand wash is best for handloom fabrics, and your garment should never go in the dryer. We have received occasional feedback of running dye, or dye fading when hung up in intense sunlight for long periods. Although this is unusual, we recommend keeping this in mind. 


As always, the Charlie is named after one of our feminist heroes: in this case Charlotte Allingham. Having shot into the limelight with a provocative anti-Australia Day protest art piece, Charlotte Allingham is one cool chick who’s not afraid to make her voice heard. Her controversial drawing, “Always was, always will be Aboriginal land,” contained a message that resonated across Australia, and her protest piece went viral in all the best kinds of circles. Charlotte’s work melds together traditional Indigenous artforms with her bold personal style, creating pieces that demand attention both visually and politically. In doing so, she absolutely fulfils her self-proclaimed goal of portraying Aboriginal women as strong and powerful. Damn good stuff, if you ask us.

Size Chart

Model is 166cm and wears a size XS-8.


Our Myanmar collections are made in collaboration with designers Ally Deam, Siami x Siami and with production cooperative MBoutik: a Myanmar women’s social enterprise. The patterns are designed to increase women producers' skills with each collection, with coordinates designed to flatter, to love, and made to last.  Our cotton yarn is sourced locally, and from neighbouring India. The yarn is hand-dyed and then handwoven by MBoutik’s talented weaving groups on the traditional teak and bamboo loom. Our garments are constructed by MBoutik’s tailoring groups, who work with manual Flying Man sewing machines, and have established their own small production house especially for this collaboration.

MBoutik are a social enterprise of ActionAid Myanmar, working in Myanmar’s DryZone, where climate change is creating chronic indebtedness and food insecurity. Using traditional production practices, MBoutik women Rise Above these challenges by banding together under the Women's Craft Producer Association, and develop gorgeous traditional craft and fashion products. We are always left buoyed by their collective spirit, and the joy the MBoutik ladies derive from their collective work. These collections are a collaboration of The Fabric Social, Action Aid Myanmar and ActionAid Australia. This landmark partnership is sponsored by the Australian Government under the Business Partnerships Program

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