Fast fashion? Our fabrics are anything but.

Woven with care by our expert artisans, our silks and cottons are created on traditional handlooms in Northeast India and Myanmar.

Handloomed fabrics are the what makes every item of our clothing special. From cocoon to closet, the practice revives local supply chains, and maintains traditional practices that make textiles a passion rather than just a product. Each metre of fabric has a history and identity; each imperfection is unique.

Eri-silk (India): Eri silkworms are native to Northeast India, are hand reared from egg to metamorphosis. Often called ‘ahimsa’ or peace-silk as the process does not involve harm to the silkworm. Cocoons are collected only once the worms have transformed, then the wooly-white silk fiber is harvested. Our primary eri supplier is Srishti NGO, based out of a small village in rural Assam.

100% of our eri silk is cultivated in villages in upper Assam. No chemicals or pesticides are used to cultivate the castor trees, and the eri-silk is cut and spun by hand. Village production involves collective work, for shared benefit and is lead by women. Women manage everything from growing the castor trees that the eri silkworms eat, raising the silkworms, nurturing them through to metamorphosis, and spinning the silk into yarn. Many of the villages that supply our silk are also headed by women.

Khadi cotton (India): Our khadi-cotton is sourced from a small village in rural Assam that has been supporting local producers for more than 75 years. The cotton flowers are grown all over India - hand-picked and sorted, and come to Assam to be spun into yarn. Our khadi producers are all women, who use traditional hand spinning techniques to create the yarn.

Cotton (Myanmar): The cotton for our Myanmar collection is sourced from neighbouring India, and is hand-woven on a traditional teak and bamboo loom. It is coloured using non-toxic dye by a colourist in the local community.


non-fabricated stories 

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Fabric occupies my every waking moment, and even visits me in my dreams. Fibers, textures, weaves - silks and linens and cotton - the sound of the looms clacking – fabric and everything about it has become more than my job – it is a love affair. . .
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We stood at the train doors and let the warm, sticky air rush through our hair and waved at the locals who were awestruck at our presence. The jungle villages, in between rice paddies and tea fields, sported brightly saried women, boys on push bikes and majestic water buffalo. . .
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Ever since I first saw these exceptionally dressed ladies stomping the pockmarked pavement like it was a runway, I had been dying to visit Mizoram and to spread our Fab Social wings over the mountains. I found the perfect excuse when I met Siami, a Mizo designer, 12 months ago. . .

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