Fashion does not have to equal exploitation – that’s why we partner directly with the women who make our clothes. We don’t have employees. We don’t ‘empower’ anyone. We create direct partnerships that mean the women we work with help the women weavers access fair working conditions that are environmentally friendly and free from slave labour.

One of the special things about creating our fabric is getting to know our producers and creating tangible impact in the communities with which we work. The artisans who create our beautiful fabrics and garments are paid fairly for their work. That means your dollar is only funding projects that make a difference – you’re never paying for fast fashion.

Our producers work from community workspaces. Garment production is a truly collective task, and each of our producers is part of a group that works together to manage all the details from setting up the loom to spinning bobbins of yarn. Our producers set their own work hours, decide how much fabric they want to weave, and set their own price for every meter they create. And working in a cooperative means they access the benefits of the group, which they couldn’t access if they went it alone.



Non-Fabricated Stories 

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Most garment workers earn around 25 cents an hour. There are between 100 and 200 million children working in sweatshops today, feeding a massively unregulated market place eager for increasingly cheaper fashion. The fact that this estimate has a 100 million-person wide gap goes to show how little we actually understand.. . 
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Fashion Revolution Week asks consumers to push brands to show them #whomademyclothes? We are stoked when people ask us this question, not only because we know the answer, but because we love the answer. . .
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It’s been 4 years since the Rana Plaza disaster that took the lives of more than one thousand women - most of them young women. While feminist sentiment is on the rise, and on the runways - the industry that employs women, and sells to women, still wholeheartedly fails to benefit women. Make no mistake - fashion is a feminist issue. . .

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