Mizoram Producers

Our Mizo Collection is a collaboration with local designer, Siami x Siami, a small women run tailoring business, and a women-run weaving group. 

Siami x Siami is a design and production house operated by Mizo designer Siami Pachuau. Siami has worked hand in hand with women-led local producers over the past five years to create premium quality 100% locally produced fashion products.

Te Te is owner and head tailor of her own small business, which supports young women to develop professional tailoring skills and earn a livable income. Te Te and her team are experts in the bag trade. 

Our weavers are a small collective of women, headed by the experienced Hlui and her sisters. They weave every inch of the puan fabric with the traditional loom, to create the most intricate, high quality fabrics in the region.  

"The Mizo word "Puan" when translated to English simply means Cloth. But a Mizo Puan is not just any cloth, it is woven art, it is history and tradition, it is birth, marriage and death. To weave a Puan we must use, not only our eyes and hands. A weaver must visualise the combination of colours and patterns. She must use her feet, her thighs and her back, the strength of her arms to beat every thread, every yarn into place and her fingers to weave every colour... beating and weaving fiber and colours into a strong yet elegant, beautiful everlasting symbol of our tribal blood.. Of who we are.."

- Siami x Siami