Myanmar Supply Chain

Our Rise Collection is our second collaboration with designer, Siami x Siami and our first collaboration with MBoutik, a Myanmar women’s social enterprise.

Siami has worked hand in hand with women-led producers over the past five years to create premium quality 100% locally made products. The perfection of the patterns are Siami’s secret - and she has shared these secrets with MBoutik’s tailors to deliver a small collection of coordinates designed to flatter, to love, and made to last.

Our cotton yarn is sourced locally, and from neighbouring India. The yarn is hand-dyed and then handwoven by MBoutik’s talented weaving groups on the traditional teak and bamboo loom. Our garments are constructed by MBoutik’s tailoring groups, who work with manual Flying Man sewing machines, and have established their own small production house especially for this collaboration.

MBoutik are a social enterprise of ActionAid Myanmar, working in Myanmar’s DryZone, where climate change is creating chronic indebtedness and food insecurity.

Using traditional production practices, MBoutik women Rise Above these challenges by banding together under the Women's Craft Producer Association, and develop gorgeous traditional craft and fashion products. We are always left buoyed by their collective spirit, and the joy the MBoutik ladies derive from their collective work.

This collection is a collaboration of The Fabric Social, Action Aid Myanmar and ActionAid Australia. This landmark partnership is sponsored by the Australian Government under the Business Partnerships Program