Minimalist aesthetic, premium handwoven fabric, dope origin story. 

We value style over trend, creating collections that are made to wear, to love and that come with a traceable supply chain that benefits the lives of producers.  When feminism and resistance has never been more in vogue - we were founded on walking the walk, and invite our customers to peer behind the label and to literally wear their feminism on their sleeve.  Our producers are women living and working in insecure regions of Asia, who are forging a new wave of economic independence not dependent on charity. 

Our clothing and accessories are made at a fair price in safe labour conditions with partners who share our mission to support women. We reinvest 5% of our profits back into community-led initiatives through our Social Impact Fund. As well, we make a donation from every sale to the anti landmine organisation APOPO, every item sold results in one square metre of a mine field being cleared for good. 

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Our AW17 Rise Collection by Siami x Siami features a small collection of coordinates - and it is all about the layering colour on colour. Featuring tailored jackets with flattering lines, layered with box cut waist coats, all dipped in the hues of the grey ocean and morning sky, and crafted by womens' social enterprise in Myanmar.


Charcoal Salt is a collection of transitional basics by Ally Deam, created from a delicious blend ofcotton and vegetarian silk native to Northeast India. Featuring minimalist silhouettes in classic black and white, its all about crispy clean lines and the allure of natural fabric.


The Mizo Collection features contemporary cut bag accessories crafted from the handwoven tribal puan fabric of Mizoram, Northeast India. Brought to you by grassroots designer Siami x Siami, the Mizo Collection is 100% handmade by women. Created with care and built to last.


Our Producers

We work in North East India, and in the Myanmar Dry-zone. Our producers are women who work for themselves, and are collectively forging a new wave of economic justice for themselves and their communities. They are talented, resilient and these women are the heart and soul of The fabric Social. 

Our Partners 



Photoshoot Lending

Are you a stylist wanting to use ethical clothing in your next project? We are happy to lend clothes to stylists for photoshoots - in fact, we love collaborations! We ask that you take special care of every garment and will require a partial payment for clothes borrowed. The payment is refunded once the items have been returned.

For lending, please contact


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