Shire: Story & Size Chart

This piece is dedicated to Warsan Shire - an acclaimed Somali-British poet, who writes prolifically about the intimate, untold histories of her foremothers. For Shire, her work is a project of:

“documentation, genealogy, preserving the names of the women who came before me. To connect, honor, to confront.”

Shires writes on Twitter, Tumblr, in paperback, and has recently set the backdrop for Beyonce's concept album, Lemonade.

Our silk is made from hand-spun and hand-woven eri-silk and khadi-cotton and is produced by women in conflict-affected Assam, India following strict principles of environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Our garments are dyed and constructed by Sasha and the Weavers Studio in Kolkata, India. Sasha are a World Fair Trade Organisational guaranteed, and artisan centred organisation that supports rural women and marginalised producers in rural West Bengal.

Note: this piece is styled in a slightly oversized cut. The small is the equivalent of an Australian 8-10 and the large is the equivalent of an Australian 12-14. 

You can find out more about our weavers and our supply chain here