Treating the artisans right? Check. Next step? The environment.

We’re different from and at The Fabric Social, we make sure that everything we do is environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly. That means everything from our low-waste patterns and solar powered weaving units pays respect to the environment around us.

Non-Fabricated Stories


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Life is not getting better for women workers in the field just because a model in Milan wears a pussy hat. Consumers need to shift towards social enterprise, towards transparent supply chains, and support those who are part of the real rebellion...

It looks great, it’s cheap and convenient, and provides instant gratification. Your mind cries “I have to have it”. There are additives that you can’t even pronounce but that’s OK, because right now your brain is pumping sweet sweet dopamine just from the weight of that bag in your hand. These warm and fuzzy feelings keep you coming back for more. Did you just buy a Big Mac? No, you just shopped at H&M...
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Our fabric makes its way from Assam to Kolkata, where it’s delivered to our dye studio. At the same time, our spec sheets and paper patterns make their way from Australia to our tailors in India. In Kolkata, we work with two dyeing and tailoring organisations, the Weavers Studio and Sasha...

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