How To Clean All Your Footprints

How To Clean All Your Footprints

It is important to clean all your online and offline footprints because your digital footprint can tell a lot about you. For example, it can give an insight into your likes, dislikes, and behaviour. As such, you should clean up your footprints before they become permanent. Remember that what you post online will be permanently available for all to see, so it is important to leave a good impression.

Audit All The Accounts You’ve Created Online

Many people create numerous accounts online over time for different reasons. Although it’s easy to forget these accounts, managing them well is essential. Start by reviewing Wikipedia’s list of the most common websites and then add any others you still need to remember. There are also several tools available that will help you to keep track of your accounts.

For instance, a social media audit will show you the performance of your social media profiles. You can use tools like Facebook page insights and Twitter follower wonk to monitor your performance and gauge your audience growth. You can also measure engagement, such as the number of likes, +1s, and reshares.

Manage Your Privacy Settings

To clean up your digital footprint, manage your privacy settings on various sites. These footprints are full of personal information that individuals and organizations can use. As such, it is important to review and evaluate your settings regularly. Moreover, you should ensure you do not post anything inappropriate online. You should also remove links and content that you do not wish to have access to others. Also, it would be best if you were selective about who has access to your personal information. You can use tools to block comments and even set your social networking profiles to “private” mode.

Clear Cache Of Browser

When browsing the web, clearing your browser’s cache can free up disk space by deleting the data it has stored on your computer. Caches are files saved on your computer that help your web browser load familiar sites faster. However, these files are only sometimes necessary, and clearing them can significantly improve your computer’s performance.

You can remove individual websites or clear your entire cache. Before attempting to clear your browser’s cache, enable the Develop menu. You can find this menu in the Preferences section under Advanced. From there, choose Develop, Empty Caches to empty the cache.

Curate Your Online Presence

Curating your digital footprints is important, especially when applying for jobs, scholarships, or student loans. Research shows that 31% of college admissions officers check Facebook pages, and 29% look up your Google searches. In addition, images associated with your name can remain online for 30 years.

Curating your digital footprint can help give your application a competitive edge. It can highlight your talents and interests. It can also be a useful source for employers. However, it is important to keep your digital presence healthy without oversharing. Here are a few tips for creating a positive digital footprint:

Reset Internet Connection

If your internet connection keeps leaving a digital footprint on your computer, reset it. You can do this through the settings menu in Internet Explorer. Next, click on the gear icon to access the Advanced tab. This option is also available if you use the program’s desktop version. Here, you can reset your settings and delete your settings.


Changing your IP address might be your solution if you have ever had trouble with your internet connection. You can use your smartphone to switch networks and change the address to a new one. You can also reset your modem/router to change your IP address. Changing your IP address is simple and will help you access content from other countries.

Using CMD+ to clean all your footprints is an easy way to ensure that your computer is functioning as it should. This command runs a complete system scan and removes any unwanted items. You can run this command manually or as a scheduled task. It is a great tool for users who want to keep their computers as clean as possible.

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