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HURGHADA International Airport

HURGHADA International Airport

If you’re travelling to Hurghada, Egypt, you’ll be pleased to know that the city’s airport is a world-class facility. The airport offers many features to travellers, such as a VIP lounge and a business centre.

In addition, it has an airport lounge, but you must reserve it in advance. You can relax and enjoy free international magazines and snacks in this lounge. While the airport isn’t a hotel, it does offer a car rental service.
Some international company offers car rentals at the airport, and you can also make a reservation online. In addition, local car rental companies also offer their services at the airport.

The Hurghada International Airport is located about 5 km southwest of the city centre. It is a popular destination for tourists and is Egypt’s second-busiest airport.

The airport has two terminals, which are open 24 hours a day. You can reach the airport in about 15 minutes by car. Getting to the airport from the city centre is easy as it is adjacent to the highway. The airport is well-signposted.

Visitors to Hurghada can also enjoy a variety of attractions. For example, the Magawish tourist area has a large aquarium, the largest in the region and the seventh largest in the world.

Thousands of marine organisms call the aquarium home, and the area also features a rainforest with different birds and animals.

Features of The HURGHADA International Airport

There are many features of the Hurghada International Airport. Its air-conditioned terminal is a nice place to relax, and you will find a duty-free shop, cafe, and exchange bureau.

In addition, you can choose from about 100 airlines that fly to the airport. Hurghada International Airport is the right place to be if you’re a tourist looking for an airport with a good reputation. It serves the city of Hurghada, which is located on the Red Sea coast in eastern Egypt.
It is Egypt’s second busiest airport and is a favourite among European vacationers. Hurghada International Airport is also home to many hotels, ranging from luxury to budget options.

Most of the hotels are located nearby the airport, which is convenient for those who travel early in the morning. There are also a few hotels in the area surrounding popular tourist areas.

Why Use The HURGHADA International Airport

If you plan a trip to Hurghada, you should know why to use the Hurghada airport. The airport has two terminals that are open twenty-four hours a day. It is located 15 km from the city centre and can be easily accessed by car.

Hurghada International Airport offers free WiFi and car parking. You can also exchange your money at the airport’s ATMs. The ATMs are accessible around the clock and accept multiple currencies. In addition, several local rental car agencies offer good rates.

Another convenient option is a ride-share service, which has sprung up at most airports. This option can help you save money on parking and rental car fees and eliminate the hassle of trying to find someone to drive you.

Hurghada International Airport is well-served by minibuses if you don’t want to walk for miles. These buses are cheap and comfortable but need fixed stops. So instead, they pick up and drop off passengers as they wish. Alternatively, you can use the public transportation service, which provides a shuttle between the airport and the resort area.

The airport is a great place to find a bargain when buying souvenirs. Some duty-free shops sell jewellery, perfumes, cosmetics, chocolates, fashion items, eyeglasses, and more. The airport also features a wheelchair-accessible area.

Hurghada airport offers a wide range of dining options. There are several cafes and a restaurant at the airport. In addition, there are catering stations and fast-food outlets throughout the air terminal.

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